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The new SureFire G6 from Microsys

Confidence and Efficiency for Airbag testing


Designed for Productivity. Built on Experience.

Delivering test equipment for Airbags, Inflators and Pre-Tensioners since 1992


Why SureFire G6 will delight you



The SureFire G6 hardware features improved self-diagnostic capabilities and auto-configuration. Lowering down-times and TCO.


When it comes to conformity of production testing, throughput is key. The new system architecture of SureFire G6 supercharges video-processing, completing it in a fraction of time. For more tests, in less time.

User Experience

We have started from a clean slate. Focused on what is really important at a given time. The new user interface of SureFire G6 provides a clean, beautiful look that helps the operator take control. For safer, faster operation.


We are living in a connected world. SureFire G6 is designed to interface with planning, manufacturing and analytics systems. For more efficient testing procedures.


See SureFire G6 in action

Meet us at a Testing Expo Show or visit www.micro-sys.com

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We are looking forward to seeing you!